5 Cheapest Electric Cars in India : E-Wheeler


Need For EVs:

Electric Vehicles made a revolutionary change in the automobile industry and this change led to the manufacture of even more brands and many more companies involving in the production of electric vehicles. The situation of the earth today is even worse than what we are actually thinking of. CO2 emission everywhere, toxic gases, noise pollution, what not. How to get rid of this? How we are going to get back our planet? What we are going to do from our side? Even a small step from an individual is a giant leap towards the change. “You should be the change that you wish to see everywhere.” Switching over to Electric Vehicles is one of the ideal solutions for getting rid of these environmental issues.

In this post, the complete specifications of the 5 cheapest electric cars in India are given detail. Let’s look upon the Top 5 cars in the descending order!

Number 5: Wagon R Electric

Maruti Suzuki is a well-known leading car manufacturing company. We are more familiar with the Wagon R’s petrol diesel variants, which is said to be one of the successful and affordable cars of India. Maruti has planned to launch Wagon R EV in the motto of reaching EVs in every nook and corner of India with its cheap price and best quality. It has an average range/ mileage of around 200 kms and a top speed of 100 to 130 kms. It has both fast charging and slow charging modes. The battery can be charged 80% in just an hour in fast charging mode, and the time taken to charge the battery to 100% in slow charging mode is around 7 hours. The expected ex-showroom price of Wagon R electric will be in and around Rs.10 Lakhs. However, by deducting the total amount from the subsidies provided by the government, the price may drop up to Rs.7 Lakhs. The expected launch of Wagon R electric will be at the end of 2020.

Number 4: Uniti One

Uniti One was initially introduced as a 2-seater car in other countries. Yet, for India, this car was planned to launch as a 5-seater car, soon in the upcoming days. This Sweden based car company is planning to step into India by a successful tie-up with Bird group of companies. It has a 22 kWh Lithium-ion battery, which can be charged in just 4 hours in slow charging mode and reaches 80% of the charge in just an hour, in fast charging mode. The average mileage/ range of this mini electric car is 200 kms. The top speed of this vehicle is around 120 to 130 kms. This new-generation car can be operated with a smart card and also with its mobile app- providing a gateway to smart technologies. The price of this Uniti One car is expected around Rs.7.2 Lakhs and soon to be launched at the end of 2020.

Number 3: Jayem Neo

While all the leading car manufacturers entering into the EV industry, what about Tata Motors? Undoubtedly, Tata is here to give something special from its side. By making a tie-up with Jayem Motors, Tata is about to launch its Jayem Neo Electric car. This electric car resembles more like a Nano, something just like another cutest car, released in its electric version. The average range of Jayem Neo is expected around 200 kms and the charging time in slow charging will be around 6 to 7 hours. In DC to DC fast charging mode, the car is about to reach 60% in just half an hour. Unfortunately, this electric variant is not for official sale. Jayem Neo has planned for launching this vehicle in a combined partnership with Ola Cabs (in Hyderabad) for taxi-related services. The price of this Jayem Neo is just Rs.5 Lakhs, and this is surprisingly cheap for its brand and quality.

Number 2: Bajaj Qute EV

Bajaj Qute is already an existing vehicle in its petrol and CNG variants. Bajaj Group has planned to launch this same vehicle in its electric version. The average mileage given by this vehicle is around 100 kms. The slow charging time is around 4 to 5 hours and the fast charging time will be just half an hour to reach 80%. The price of Bajaj Qute is expected in and around Rs.4 to 5 lakhs lakhs and this is because its petrol and CNG siblings are priced nearly Rs.2.8 Lakhs. The launch of this Bajaj Qute is scheduled at 2021 and let’s wait for its arrival.

Number 1: Baojun E100

Baojun E100 occupies the first place in the cheapest of all electric cars in India. This is a 2-seater car and to be frank, this electric car is just like a 2-wheeler when viewing its seating arrangements, yet a safer and better option with the comfort of a car. The top speed of the car is 100 kmph and the range/mileage is around 200 kms. Though we have to compromise with the seating arrangement, it is not the same for its facilities. Baojun E100 offers stunning features such as keyless entry, cozy interiors, improvised music systems and what not. This car is expected to launch at the beginning of 2021. The price of this car is expected in and around Rs.4 lakhs or a lakh more than it.





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