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Bajaj Chetak EV:

The all new Bajaj Chetak EV has a stunning outlook, with its shiny metal body, thereby bringing the world-“The Future Of Mobility”. Its outstanding look impresses people’s mind, offering a retro feel, which just resembles Vespa. Lets see all of its specifications, and the complete review of the vehicle along with some of its drawbacks.

The Bajaj Chetak was launched on January 14th 2020, all around the top cities of India- Pune, Bengaluru, Delhi, Mumbai and soon to be launched in other metropoloitan cities.


The premium design of Bajaj Chetak EV makes it both modern and iconic.It has disk brakes on the front and drum brakes on the rear wheels, which ensures effective braking in all riding conditions. Regenerative Braking System is provided in the Bajaj Chetak, which charges the battery then and there, whenever the brake is applied. It has a really comfortable seating arrangement, which makes a remarkable experience for the riders.

Bajaj Chetak EV also has reverse mode option for better parking facilities.The head lights of the vehicle is designed in such a way that it assures low heating and consumes less energy.Bajaj Chetak is purely water resistant and it is an IP-67 rated vehicle.It comes up with a good quality electronic switches, retractable luggage hooks for carrying things and a sufficient storage space for keeping the helmet and other stuffs.It has a fully digital speedometer and tachometer, which is even brightly visible when riding in a peek sunlight.


Battery & Motor Specifications:

Bajaj Chetak comes up with 3kWh Lithium ion battery pack which boosts up its overall charging cycles. Also it has a power-packed 4kWh motor, which enhances its performance.

Range & Riding Modes:

Bajaj Chetak EV offers more than 95kms of Range/Mileage when it is fully charged. This is really a great mileage when compared with list of the currently available branded electric vehicles.

It has 2 riding modes–>Eco Mode, Sports Mode. In Eco mode, Bajaj Chetak gives the expected 95 km range. When driven in the sports mode, Bajaj Chetak EV offers 85 km range, which is not that much less when compared to the eco mode. Both gives a decent and sufficient ranges for the Indian traffic and road conditions.

Charging Time:

The maximum charging time for Bajaj Chetak EV is just around 5 hours, which challenges its competitors who are in the EV Industry. Also, Bajaj Chetak takes just an hour to keep it 25% charged.

Top Speed:

The top speed given by Bajaj Chetak EV is around 80kmph. This is really a very good speed and it is more than sufficient because, the optimum speed is a maximum of 50kmph in the city roads.

Available Models & Price:

This sleek and stylish vehicle has 6 different colour variants and comes up with 2 models: Basic & Premium.




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Additional Features:

The most interesting part about Bajaj Chetak EV is that, it has loads and loads of high-tech features like–

  • Locating the current location of the scooter with single-touch using the mobile app.
  • Protecting the vehicle from the theft using the anti-theft alarm option given in the vehicle.
  • Notification will be received by the owner whenever any unauthorized access of the vehicle is made by some unknown person.
  • Receiving notification in the case of the vehicle meeting with any accident.
  • Riding tips will be given to the owner through the mobile app.
  • It an USB port for charging your mobile phones or power banks on the go, and securely protect them in the glove box provided in the front.

Warranty & Service:

Bajaj Chetak offers a warranty of 3 years or about 50,000kms for its Lithium-ion battery packs. The company gives 3 free services as soon as the vehicle is bought.


A coin has two sides. Though Bajaj Chetak EV comes up with a train of advantages, it has some pointable disadvantages too.

  • One of the main drawback is that, the battery of Bajaj Chetak EV is not removable. This makes the people living in apartments or multi-storeyed buildings, difficult to charge. If the battery is given removable, they can remove the battery only and charge it where ever they wish to. Thus, this facility is favourable only to those live in the basement floors.
  • One more drawback is that, Bajaj Chetak EV does not comes with Fast Charging mode, even though the vehicle’s charging time is low. For any emergency travelling situations, fast-charging mode is highly necessary.


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