Best Electric Rickshaw in India | Udaan E-Rikshaw: Price, Mileage, Top Speed


Udaan E-Rikshaw:

Udaan is one of the leading battery-operated electric rickshaw and loader manufacturers in India. The company was established in the year 2015 and the main branch is located in Delhi. When revolved around Delhi, one might notice huge numbers of Udaan vehicles roaming all around the city. We are very familiar with the Delhi EV Policy that was introduced due to the uncontrollable air pollution in Delhi. By taking that into account, many rickshaw drivers and auto drivers have adopted to electrification. They made retrofitting for normal rikshaws and some auto drivers had even switched to e-rikshaws. In that order, Udaan was the most popularly known e-rickshaw in Delhi.

The main branch of the company conveys that there are almost 32,000+ electric rikshaws running all over Delhi. The complete specifications of the loaders and rikshaws manufactured by the company are clearly explained in this post.

Design – Interior & Exterior:

Udaan e-rikshaws are perfectly designed for Indian road conditions and has a robust design. The vehicle has a high load tolerance of around 300 to 600 kgs. The Udaan e-rikshaw is completely noise-free and produces zero pipe tail emissions. The e-rikshaw is capable of carrying 4 passengers excluding the driver. The low maintenance cost of the rikshaw is an added advantage. The company claims that the maximum maintenance cost of the vehicle will be just in and around 100 rupees. Both the wheels are provided with heavy leaf springs and hydraulic shockers. The modern and stubborn design is crafted with more durable material such that, the paints are even rust-proof. In the passenger model e-rikshaw, the seats are provided with flexible cushions for perfect comfort. Both the variants have iron as well as plastic roof tops in it. Yet, buyers prefer to plastic roof because of its light weight and it doesn’t hit the passengers during the drive. It has to be noted that, the vehicles manufactured by Udaan are ISO certified and ICAT approved.

Motor & Battery Capacity:

The maximum capacity of the motor for e-rikshaws must not exceed 1000 W according to the rules framed. In that order, the company provides a powerful 1000 W motor for the e-rikshaws and e-loaders. The rikshaw and loader comes up with 2 variants – Lead acid and Lithium ion batteries. In a lead-acid variant, there will be 4 batteries(each 150aH) arranged in bed type. The battery and motor are water-resistant and perfectly designed based on Indian weather conditions.

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Mileage / Range:

The Udaan e-rikshaws and e-loaders are capable of travelling around 75 to 125 kms when the battery is completely charged. This is an impeccable mileage provided from the company’s side, serving local rides in minimal expenditure.

Top Speed:

As the vehicle is ICAT approved, the speed of the e-rikshaws and e-loaders must not exceed its optimal speed limit. By taking that into consideration, the vehicle has a top speed of 25 kilometer per hour, which is more than sufficient for a safe drive.

Charging Time:

The charging time of Lead-acid variant is around 8 to 10 hours. In case of Lithium ion battery, the charging time is around 3 to 4 hours, just half the time of the lead-acid variant’s. By switching into lithium batteries, one can get a longer range with lesser charging time and comparatively a higher battery life.


The on-road price of lead-acid variant is around 1.25 lakhs and the Lithium ion variant is around  1.6 Lakhs. However, Delhi Government offers a subsidy of Rs.30,000, which will be transferred to the buyer’s account. This is a pretty good encouraging factor for those who bought and willing to buy e-rikshaws and loaders.





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