BMW i4 electric: Top Speed, Range, Design, Performance: Complete Specifications


BMW i4 Sedan Electric:

The electric concept of the 2021 BMW i4 has been unveiled from the company’s side. This new all-electric variant is sure to create a bench-mark for other spectacular electric versions that are about to launch in the upcoming year. The BMW cars are prominently focussed on the design factor, ritzy features and more importantly, the coziness. In that order, the i4 variant is about to hit the showrooms in the mid of 2021. In this post, let’s have a look at the complete specifications of BMW i4.

The Design:

The BMW i4 has a sporty design and has a splendiferous outlook, with its elegantly crafted interiors. The opulent comfort of the seats that are made of cloth and leather give way to extreme comfort during each travel. Furthermore, there is no need to compromise with the spaciousness. This all-electric variant has voluminous interiors with roomy headroom and legroom. In addition to that, it includes a large curvy touch screen infotainment system with gesture operated controls. The car is equipped with a fully digital cluster, paving the way to new generation mobility. BMW i4 is expected to have Apple Carplay, Wi-Fi hotspot, wireless mobile charging analogous to every other BMW cars. Perfectly sketched with classy crystal glass and lined up with gold bronze blending the vehicle has an eye-catching view. It has a fully transparent rooftop, which gives a dramatic driving experience.

Motor & Battery Capacity:

BMW i4 has a powerful electric motor that is expected to make a 530 HP. This certainly increases its overall performance. BMW has said that the battery pack capacity will approximately be 80 kWh. Since it has a terrific battery capacity, consequently its charging duration will be reduced.


The mileage of BMW i4 is expected to compete with the Tesla Model 3. It has the ability to travel up to 598 kilometers in a single charge. This stunning range will surely make this vehicle a bench-mark for other electric variants that will be available at the beginning of 2021.

Top Speed:

This zero emissive i4 Sedan has the capability of accelerating from 0 to 62 mph (0 to 100 kmph) in just 4 seconds. The top speed of the car is said to be around 124 mph, i.e., around 200 kmph. In addition to that, i4 is expected to offer both rear and all wheel drive, which accordingly produces different 0 to 60 mph times.

Charging Time:

Since BMW i4 Sedan has equipped with a power-packed 80 kwH battery, it’s charging time is expected to be within an hour. The company has given a statement that the vehicle can be charged up to 80 percent in just 35 minutes when charged in a 150 kWh fast charger.  It is also said that a 6 minute charge can give a range up to 100 kms. However, its overall charging time in slow charging mode is nowhere specified.

The Price:

The estimated price of BMW i4 sedan is around 50,000 dollars. In Indian Rupees it is around 38.25 Lakhs. This BMW i4 is expected to start its production in 2021 and it will hit the showrooms later on that year. The price of the vehicle is not yet officially, yet it is expected to start from 50,000 dollars.

Warranty & Service:

Talking about the warranty and service of BMW i4 Sedan, the company offers a trusted warranty with its complimentary maintenance, in order to compete with its rivals. The limited warranty of the vehicle covers 4 years or 80.5 thousand kms. The power train warranty covers 4 years or for 80.5 kms. The warranty for the hybrid components is covered for a period of 8 years or for a kilometer range of around 16 lakhs kilometers. The complimentary maintenance for the vehicle is covered for a period of 3 years or up to 57.9 thousand kilometers.

As a whole, BMW i4 Sedan is about to jump-start the electric revolution during the mid of 2021.




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