Everve EF1: Complete Specifications With Full Review


Everve EF1:

Everve Motors is an electric vehicle manufacturing company, which paves a way to new generation mobility with its advanced designs, engineering and, quality. According to the survey conducted by the Everve, people are not open to adopting electric vehicles. They increasingly feel that this is because of its longer charging times, shorter ranges, higher battery cost and, undoubtedly poor designs. Everve emerged to jump-start the EV industry, resolving all the above-stated issues of EVs. Here are the specifications of Everve EF1, just scroll down to know them.

Overall Design:

Everve EF1 comes up with 3 stunning shades of dazzling orange, lustrous silver and, metallic grey. The company unveiled this vehicle at the Auto Expo 2020, and also stated that this model was just a prototype one, and the original will be exposed at the end of this year. Everve EF1 looks more like a Maxi scooter, with its curvy design at the front, having an eye-catching outlook. It has a sporty design, with its circular headlamp and DRL ( Day time Running Lamp). It has ample space in its bottom for its footrest and for keeping bags and baggage at the front. The seat of the vehicle is long enough and a bit raised above for the one sitting at the back. It has all-LED headlights, tail lamps and turn signal lamps. It has robust tubeless tyres affixed with alloy wheels.

Vehicle Specs:

The front wheel has a disk brake and the rear wheel has a drum brake. The carrying capacity of this vehicle is around 150 kgs.  Everve EF1 comprises of inverted telescopic front suspension and single-sided rear shock absorber. Surely Everve EF1 will be a challenger to all high-end electric variants like Ather 450X and Bajaj Chetak. It has a fully digital speedometer, trip meter and, console.

Mileage / Range:

Everve EF1 is capable of giving a mileage of 100 kms. Yet, the exact range is not officially announced from the company’s side. Let’s wait for the best. Having a powerful battery capacity, there will be an assurance of 100 km plus mileage in Everve EF1.

Motor & Battery Capacity:

Everve EF1 has 2 lithium-ion batteries, summing up to 4.2 kWh and, their life span is claimed to be 5 years and above. Everve EF1 has 2 motor options: one with a 3 kWh one and the other with a powerful 5 kWh hub motor which increases its overall performance.

Charging Time:

Everve EF1 has both slow charging and fast charging modes. The maximum charging time for Everve EF1 is just 5 hours in a normal domestic charging point. In fast charging mode, the battery can be charged 50 percent in just 1 and a half hours. This is an impressive charging period which will be very helpful in emergency situations. Everve also conveyed that the batteries will be removable for charging. If that is so, then it will be more convenient for those living in multi-storeyed buildings and apartments.

Top Speed:

Everve EF1 is a benchmark for other electric scooters that are currently available in the market. This is because its top speed is 90 kmph. If that speed is not sufficient, one can go for a 5 kW motor version, which increases its speed to 110 kmph. The vehicle reaches 60 kmph speed in just 8.73 seconds. This is surprisingly a stunning speed for this opulent vehicle.

Key Features:

  • Everve EF1 has a light-weight hybrid tubular chasis.
  • It has a longer wheelbase for better stability.
  • It has an on board navigation system
  • The vehicle has a reverse mode in it, which makes the driver easy to park in crooked areas.
  • Everve EF1 has a keyless entry feature.
  • It has a geofencing feature that shows the current location of the vehicle.


The expected price of this Everve EF1 is Rs.90,000. The on-road price is not yet officially announced from the company side.



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