Evolet Hawk : Price, Mileage, Top Speed, Complete Specifications



Evolet is an EV manufacturing company, with a wide range of electric variants in it. Top EV brands in India usually produce vehicles more like a car, scooter, or a bike model. Evolet is something unique from them all, because of its versatile production. It has given the EV industry, electric scooters, motorcycles, ATV, buses, and whatnot. In this post, let’s have a look upon the complete specifications of the all-new electric bike variant – Evolet Hawk.

Design and Features:

Evolet Hawk attracted everyone’s attraction in its stall at the Auto Expo 2020, with its lustrous curvy metallic blue shade. It is a sporty design such that, no one believes that this is a e bike. With boring and recurring outlooks of the EVs manufactured in the past, Evolet Hawk creates a bench-mark among them. Hawk comes up with 4 stunning colours–dazzling blue, lustrous red, green with black, and red with black. The front wheel has hydraulic telescopic shock absorber and the rear one has double shocker with dual tube technology suspension. The front wheel comprises of twin disk brakes and single disk brake at the rear wheel. Evolet hawk has all LED headlamps and tail lamps for minimum energy consumption. It has a fully digital console, which displays various functions of the vehicle. The total weight of the vehicle is around 130 kgs and has a carrying capacity of up to 150 kgs.

Motor & Battery Capacity:

The Evolet Hawk has a powerful 2000 W BLDC motor, which expresses a peak power of 3500 W. It also comes up with a power packed 72 V 80 aH lithium ion battery. These two of them increases its overall performance and charging cycles.

Charging Time:

The average charging time of Evolet Hawk is 5 to 6 hours. This is a usual charging time like any other electric bikes that are currently available in the market.

Mileage / Range:

The mileage / range of Evolet Hawk is around 120 to 150 kms. This is quite an impressive driving range when compared to the existing EVs presently available.

Top Speed:

The top speed of Evolet Hawk is around 70 to 80 kilometer per hour. This is a pretty good speed for this pretty good vehicle.

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The price of Evolet Hawk is around Rs.1,40,000. Though this is a bit highly priced than RV400 and other top brands, this is considered to be a premium one.

Warranty & Service:

Evolet Hawk comes up with a warranty of 3 years for its lithium ion battery pack. The company’s warranty given for the BLDC motor is for around 18 months. The warranty and service can be claimed from the nearby Evolet showrooms.




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