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Jitendra Klazoo Electric Bike:

Jitendra Electric Vehicles Pvt Ltd is a Nasik based electric vehicle manufacturing company that came into the EV industry with a motive of producing smarter electrical vehicles to make a greener India. In this post, let’s have a look at the Jitendra’s Klazoo electric bike that has been showcased in the Auto Expo 2020, held at Greater Noida. In this post, let’s see the complete specifications of Jitendra Klazoo electric bike.

The Design:

Jitendra Klazoo has an eye-catching look and also a splendid design. Everyone among the crowd paused a minute due to the awe of the splendiferous architecture. With its classical design, the bike resembled more like a Royal Enfield’s Bullet. It can also be called “An electric bullet”. Striped with golden curves all around the headlamps, tail lamps, the Klazoo has a classy look. Both the left and right mirrors were coated with lustrous silver shade, which gives a royal feel to the bike. The Klazoo has a Smart Cluster with touch screen features in it. Thus, based on looks, there is no need of being compromised.

Motor & Battery Capacity:

The Jitendra Klazoo electric bike comes up with a power-packed 72 V 42 aH lithium-ion battery pack in it. The bike has incorporated two battery sets in it and those two batteries are portable. Moreover, the battery comes up with a manufacturer warranty of 3 years. It has a powerful electric motor that is unique from other electric bikes. Instead of having a hub motor, this bike has a separate mid-drive electric motor, which is driven by a chain drive mechanism.

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Mileage / Range:

Unlike usual electric scooters and bikes, Jitendra Klazoo has beaten the limited range concept that was existing in the past years. Jitendra Klazoo is capable of traveling up to 130 kilo meters when it is charged 100 percent. This is an admirable and satisfying mileage among other low range electric vehicles.

Top Speed:

The Jitendra Klazoo electric bike has a stunning top speed of around 130 kilometer per hour. A speed of 60 kmph can be reached in just 4.5 seconds. This is really an impressive speed and its an attracting feature for the bike lovers.


The official price and the launch date of Jitendra Klazoo is not yet announced by the company. Yet, the critics expect that the price should be around 1.3 to 1.5 lakhs.




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