Komaki Electric Bike: Complete Specifications with Review


Komaki XGT Charge:

Komaki is one of the leading electric vehicle manufacturers of Japan and it has launched electric scooty, e-rikshaw, electric bikes, and many necessary electric vehicle’s spare parts in India. Komaki has unveiled its fantabulous electric variant, which is a stylish bike, in India. The on spot review of this bike, from Komaki’s showroom is written as a review of this vehicle. All you have to do is just scroll down to know more about its specs!!

Overall Design:

The bike has an eye catching look, and peerless architecture as a whole. The total dimension of the bike is 1860x720x1130 (mm). By viewing this, we come to know that the height of the bike is quite low when compared to currently selling bike models. The suspension given in the front is Telescopic Shock Absorber and the Hydaulic Shock Absorber is given as rear suspension. The Komaki XGT Charge has a powerful LED lamp with Day time Running Lamp (DRL). Both the tyres are tubeless with alloy rim wheel base and are made of premium high quality. Self start facility is available with lock by remote feature. It also has a low battery indicator to notify us when the bike’s battery goes down. This zero emission bike has given a way to new generation driving with digital speedometer, tachometer, odometer, trip meter, and console. The front wheel has disk brake and the rear one has drum brake. In a nutshell, the bike has smashing amenities that is opted for providing various e-mobility solutions.

Mileage / Range:

Komaki XGT Charge is capable of giving around 100 to 120 kms range. This is an unbelievable and surprisingly a very good mileage. The range offered by this bike is a competitive one to the leading models that are currently available in the EV market.

Motor & Battery Capacity:

The company has provided with a 72 V 20-30 aH, maintenance free gel battery, with increases its overall charging cycles. Komaki XGT Charge comes up with a powerful electric hub motor which expresses a peak power of 1.22 kW.

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Charging Time:

The maximum charging time for Komaki XGT Charge is around 6 to 8 hours in normal domestic charging point. For instance, if a petrol vehicle consumes Rs.100 of fuel per day, for a month, the amount sums up Rs.3000. For an year, in an average, Rs.36,000 has to be spent for that fuel. When Komaki is chosen, the average amount for the vehicle to be charged for a kilometer is just around 10 paise. It has to be noted that the break even period is within 1 and a half years. Thus this is completely a pocket friendly vehicle.

1 km=10 paise

Top Speed:

The top speed given by Komaki XGT Charge is not specified by the company and it is mentioned as low speed. This is because, the vehicle needs no registration and there is no need of driving license for riding this bike. The most important point that has to be noted is that, it is CMVR exempted as per GSR291(e). Yet, when the bike is test driven, the pick up was really excellent and the speed of the bike was more than sufficient for the city riding conditions.

Key Features:

  • Komaki XGT Charge needs no vehicle registration and there is no need of driving license for driving this vehicle.
  • In India, there is no parking charges and free charging can be done at the charging stations that are available in all metro stations. This offer is given officially by the government of India, and the end date of this offer is not yet specified.
  • The vehicle has a reverse mode in it, which makes the driver easy to park in crooked areas.
  • The vehicle has a mobile charging port for charging your mobile phones on the go.
  • Komaki XGT Charge has anti-theft lock in it.
  • It also comes up with Regenerative Braking System, which recharges the battery when ever the brake is applied.


Talking about the price of the vehicle, the on-road price of Komaki XGT Charge is Rs.99,000. The price is a little high when compared to other leading competitive brands that are currently available. If any subsidies or offers arise, then this vehicle will be more optimal for buying. Yet, another one important point that has to be noted is, as this vehicle is MADE IN JAPAN, there is no need to compromise with the built-in quality. For its assurance in quality, this vehicle can be bought, undoubtedly.


  • Look wise, the height of the vehicle is a bit smaller when compared to regular bikes available in the market.
  • Talking about the speed of the vehicle, as it is not more than 45 kmph, bike lovers may find this a bit unsatisfied. Yet, this is an optimum speed for riding in city roads, safe and secure.
  • There is no artificial bike sounds, as available in RV400, and the bike moves silent. Yet, this may be considered in the future.
  • One of the main drawback is that, the battery of Komaki XGT Charge is not removable. This makes the people living in apartments or multi-storeyed buildings, difficult to charge. If the battery is given removable, they can remove the battery only and charge it where ever they wish to. Thus, this facility is favourable only to those live in the basement floors.
  • One more drawback is that, Komaki XGT Charge does not comes with Fast Charging mode. This is needed because, the charging period in slow charging mode is a bit longer. For any emergency travelling situations, fast-charging mode is highly necessary.




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