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Mahindra ATOM:

Mahindra is a well-known multinational car manufacturing company since the early 1940s. This brand though produced many popular electric vehicles, had unveiled its cutest electric version in the Auto Expo 2020 held at Greater Noida, India. Mahindra Atom was revolving all around the expo, grabbing everyone’s attraction. It was the showstopper at the Mahindra’s stall in the expo. This Mahindra Atom is India’s first-ever all-electric quadricycle that received a great response from the visitor’s side. The main motto of Mahindra is providing various e-mobility solutions, thereby reformulating public transportation in India. In that order, Mahindra has nominated ATOM for creating a mark in the EV industry. Everyone was eager to know more details about this little EV. With that same eagerness, this post gives you all the details about Mahindra ATOM EV. All you need to do is just scroll down to view them.

Design-Interior & Exterior:

The Mahindra Atom has a very compact design but the high roofline is expected to provide a good space in the interior, yet that was not received from the vehicle’s side. The interiors are inadequate, that the front row is allocated only for the driver seat. The back seat can accommodate up to 3 persons maximum (totally 4 persons). It has only 2 doors in the front row-one for the driver and the other for the persons to get into the back seat of the car. It would be better if the front row had one more seat near the driver’s one, just like the Nano. Although, the ATOM has adequate space for accommodating pieces of stuff in the boot.

It has a wide glass area for getting a clear view of the roads inside the vehicle. As said before, the ATOM has a very good height, yet it has very small wheels and tyres, which makes it look more strange.

Mahindra states that this ATOM will have a resemblance of a 3-wheeler yet with all comforts and safety features of a car. This car looks like a replica of Tata Nano, but the fact is that this Mahindra Atom is still smaller in size and weight than that of the Nano.

The Mahindra Atom comes up with 4G connectivity in it. This is helpful for making bookings and payments within the car itself. Not only that, but it also provides real-time updates on the buses, flights, trains, and the nearest boarding points.

Mahindra ATOM has an automatic transmission knob that offers an effortless drive to the rider. It has 3 modes-Reverse, Neutral and Drive.

For the upcoming smart cities in India, this vehicle will be highly welcomed, thereby switching over new-gen mobility towards driving. Thus, this vehicle is soon to be expected on the Indian roads. Maybe in the future, we may convert all our 3-wheelers to sophisticated ones like the Mahindra Atom.

Mahindra ATOM is expected to be launched at the end of 2020.

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Motor & Battery Details:

Mahindra ATOM has a 48 kW motor for its giving an outstanding performance. The added advantage is that the battery can be swapped and also can be charged externally in a usual 15 amps plug.

Top Speed:

Talking about the top speed of Mahindra ATOM, it gives around 50 kmph to 80 kmph speed. And yeah, this is a decent speed for this decent vehicle.

Mileage & Charging Time:

The maximum range or mileage given by Mahindra ATOM is about 90 kms. The average time taken by the Mahindra ATOM to get fully charged is around 4 hours.

Price & Warranty:

The price of the Mahindra ATOM was nowhere specified, yet it is expected to be around Rs.8 to 10 Lakhs. From Mahindra’s side, 3 years of warranty for Mahindra ATOM is given for the battery and the motor.


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