Need For Charging Stations: Electric Vehicle Charging Stations


Need For Charging Stations:

As electric vehicles are growing large in numbers all over the globe, a question arises in everyone’s mind. Where to charge them? What to do when the charge drops down during a drive? What if we are planning for long drives? The solution for all these problems is Charging Stations. When electric vehicles are growing in rapid numbers, the charging stations must also grow exponentially. This is because not everyone will be sufficient with the charge that they plug in their homes. Not everyone will travel for shorter distances. In future maybe one may own more than one electric vehicle, then how he will charge both of them simultaneously. One may not get time to charge the vehicle or might of forgotten to charge. For these, Charging Stations are very helpful, because this gives them a hand in their critical situations. In the present EV Industry, there are also possible solutions like Swapping Stations and much more yet, Charging Stations is the easiest one that can be implemented.

Is EV Charging Stations Profitable?

So we came to the conclusion that electric vehicles’ charging stations are a significant one. Yet, is that business profitable? Many show their disinterest in the EV Charging startup because they increasingly think that this business won’t work out. This may be because, people don’t actually need Charging Stations, especially in India. Undoubtedly, the major road transportation in India depends upon petrol and diesel. Still, people are not adapted to electric vehicles, because they don’t want to buy them. This may be due to huge investment that has to made for an electric vehicle.

What do People feel?

According to the survey conducted by E-WHEELER, many people feel, Why I have to invest that much of my money just for a battery vehicle? Meanwhile, the other set of people refuse to buy electric vehicles due to their decreased mileage. People are even afraid of buying electric vehicles because most of the automobile mechanics are used to petrol and diesel vehicles. In case of any fault or mishaps, these local mechanics are not able to attend that fault. Another major problem is that people regret charging their car or bike. Most importantly, they regret the charging duration. The long time taken for a vehicle to charge is one of the major troubles.

What Next?

To resolve these above stated issues, EV manufacturers had brought up fast charging mode. Yet, this mode cannot be set up in each and everyone’s homes. For this, there is a necessity for electric vehicle charging stations. The investors in EV Charging Stations consider them non-profitable because the number of people who buy electric vehicles in India is very less. Thus, new investors hesitate a lot in making a startup.

How Charging Stations Work?

In this section, let’s see how charging stations usually works. Those who wish to charge their vehicles in the electric vehicle charging station, they must be a member of that charging station. They will be provided a membership card that can be used for topping up the charge of the vehicle. When the card is waved or inserted, the charging process takes place. In this case, the member is supposed to carry the card with them. Some companies are even having easy go options. QR code scanning, Radio Frequency ID (RFID) are also equipped within the charging machines. Now a days, Mobile Applications are also created, so that their charging process can be made easier. Moreover, they will don’t have to carry any IDs with them.

Cost For Charging:

Charging Stations usually charge, either per minute, or hour or even based on kilo watt hour. Some charging stations do not get fees at all. They do this for advertising purposes and get the revenue from the advertisers. There are even some charging stations that operates for public benefit. They usually get the charity amount from the donors.




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