Piaggio Ape eCity : Electric Auto : Price, Range, Top Speed, Review


Piaggio Ape eCity:

Piaggio Ape is said to be one of the leading three-wheeler manufacturers for the past sixty years in the automobile industry. The brand now has planned to jump-start the electric revolution by launching Piaggio Ape eCity- an all-electric three-wheeler. This new variant was unveiled in the Auto Expo 2020 that was held at Greater Noida, India. Shaped with monumental efforts by experts, Piaggio Ape eCity gives a promising pollution-free environment for future India. Here are the technical specifications and features of Piaggio Ape City.

Design-Interior & Exterior:

With a splendiferous outlook, Piaggio Ape City has dual-tone interiors, designed with attractive graphics over its exteriors. It has a gleaming light blue shade, giving a ritzy feel, both for the rider and the passengers. Like usual autos, Piaggio Ape eCity is a 3 seater one excluding the driver. It has spacious interiors and voluminous legroom for the passengers. The roof type of the vehicle is of soft top material. The gross weight of the vehicle with batteries is 689 kgs. The driver can make an effortless ride because there is no clutch, no gear and hence no fatigue. The drive is made easy breezy with an automatic gearbox present in it. It has blue vision headlamps which can be beamed to a longer range. Piaggio Ape City has fully digital display and has adapted advanced driving technologies. On viewing the safety of the passengers, doors are placed at both sides of the passenger’s seat. It has drum brakes for both front and rear wheels. Both the wheels have Hydraulic Telescopic Shock Absorber with Helical Compression Spring at the front and with Rubber Compression Spring at the rear.

Motor & Battery Specifications:

Piaggio Ape eCity has three power-packed lithium-ion batteries of 48V 4.5 kWh capacity. It produces a peak power of 5.4 kW and a peak torque of 29 Nm at 3500 rpm. Also, it has a powerful waterproof motor, which enhances its overall performance.

Mileage / Range:

Piaggio Ape eCity has a certified range of around 68 km per swap. When compared to Mahindra E-Treo, the overall mileage is comparatively very less. Yet, this range is a decent one for its price.

Top Speed:

The top speed of Piaggio Ape eCity is 45 km per hour. This is really an impressive speed for an auto for city rides. Also, its gradeability is 19 percent.

Swappable Batteries:

The vehicle has paved a way for new-gen driving with its new SWAP N GO technology. The advantages of these swappable batteries are, the driver has no charging worries and no maintenance for his batteries. There is no battery replacement cost and the batteries can be swapped instantly. Moreover, Anti-Theft GPS is enabled for these batteries. All the driver has to do is the following steps:

  1. Removing the battery from the slot
  2. Showing the owner’s RFID to the Swapping Machine.
  3. Inserting the battery in the empty slot that is opening.
  4. Removing the fully charged batteries from the slots.
  5. After these processes are made successfully, the money will be detected automatically as per the usage.

Key Features:

  • Piaggio Ape eCity comes up with Economy mode and Boost Mode.
  • It has Hill hold assist for easy ascending and descending in hilly roads.
  • Zero vibration and noise of the vehicle assures fatigue-free driving.
  • One-touch controllable personalized mobile app
  • Swappable batteries give way to new-generation mobility.

Mobile App:

The Piaggio Ape eCity can be monitored by Sun Mobility Mobile Application. The driver can monitor the battery status, available battery percentage, total distance traveled, remaining distance to empty, speed of the vehicle, mileage, and what not. Moreover, the instant payment for battery swapping can be made with the Wallet available in this app. The driver can track the live location of the vehicle with its Geo-fencing feature and can also get to know about the nearest charging station that is available.

Warranty & Service:

The Piaggio Ape eCity has a manufacturer warranty of 3 years or 1 Lakh kilometers. The company also offers free scheduled maintenance of the vehicle for 3 years.


The ex-showroom price of Piaggio Ape eCity is Rs.1.97 Lakhs, i.e., around Rs.2 Lakhs. This is a pretty good price for this pretty good vehicle.





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