Tata Ultra T.7 Electric Truck: Mileage, Speed, Charging Time, Images, Review: E-Wheeler



Tata Ultra T7 EV:

Tata Motors grandly introduced India’s First Fully Electric Truck in the Auto Expo 2020, held at Greater Noida, India. Tata is well known for its successive moves not only in the passenger vehicle segments but also in the commercial vehicles’ one. Following them, the Ultra EV is sure to create a great impact on the EV Industry. The all-new electric truck grabbed the attention of everyone crossing the stall. This vehicle is a great pride for India which highlights the country’s innovative steps towards the EVs.

Design: Interior & Exterior:

The Ultra T7 EV is showcased one among the 26 vehicles in the Auto Expo 2020, and it is said to be the country’s first ever zero-emission truck. The Tata Ultra T7 EV is opted for carrying and transporting heavy cargo goods in them. Unlike common goods truck, this Ultra T7 has a modern design, stunning with its glossy metallic blue colour. It makes more cozy for the driver and the co-driver with its well-spaced cabin. The cabin of the truck has 1+2 seating arrangement, which provides a great deal of comfort. Both the front and rear wheels have air drum brakes in it. The stylish Ultra T7 has an integrated hydraulic power steering and runs on tubeless radial tyres.

Motor & Battery Capacity:

The Tata Ultra T7 EV has a power-packed 62.5 kWh battery which boosts up its overall charging cycles and it is expected to have a long battery life. It produces a maximum of 328 HP power and a 2800 Nm of peak torque. The powerful motor of Tata Ultra T7 EV is capable of generating a peak power of 245 kW.


In a single charge, Tata Ultra T7 EV is about to give a mileage / range of 120 km. This is quite a disappointing range from the vehicle’s side. Yet, it is believed that this range can be matched when the number of charging stations on the go is increased in the future.

Top Speed:

The top speed of Tata Ultra T7 EV is around 80 kmph, which is quite a decent speed when carrying heavy goods in it.

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Charging Time:

The truck has fast as well as slow charging modes. The Tata Ultra T7 EV can be charged from 0 to 100 percent in just 2 hours in the case of DC fast charging. Its average time period for charging in slow charging mode is expected to be around 7 to 8 hours.


The truck has undergone several crash tests and much more, thus it can be trusted for its robustness. This truck has a parabolic spring suspension at the front and a semi-elliptical spring suspension along with a parabolic auxiliary at the rear. The vehicle is assured to reduce the driver’s fatigue as it goes smoothly all the way around. The Ultra T7 electric has a sharp turning radius and a faster turn around time, with a higher payload capacity. It has 26% of climbing ability and also comes up with Direct Driving Technology, which decreases the driver’s effort to ride in the congested roads of the city. Tata Ultra T7 EV has a payload capacity of 3700 kgs to 4900 kgs, which is quite an impressive one.


This truck is sure to create a great impact on the current price of all indispensable products that are being transported from one place to another in order to meet the basic needs of people. The hike in the price of those basic items is due to the petrol / diesel based transportation, and if this comes to an end, the prices are expected to get down automatically.

Price & Launch Date:

The Tata Ultra T7 EV is expected to launch at the end of 2020 (November or December) or at the beginning of 2021. The price of Tata Ultra T7 EV is expected to be around Rupees 15 Lakhs to 18 Lakhs. This is a decent price and it is a highly competitive one for the other currently manufacturing brands of the EV Industry.


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